Saturday, August 22, 2020


Examine A FAMILY VIOLENCE TOPIC AT A NATIONAL LEVEL - Research Paper Example (Severson, 2011) It was accounted for in the Seattle Times on April 2, 2007 that Rebecca Griego was â€Å"stalked and killed at the University of Washington by an injurious ex, who at that point killed himself.† (Carr, et al, 2007) It was accounted for by The New York Times on the tenth day of April 2011 that a lady was killed by her beau who perpetrated various cut injuries. Neighbors heard her shouting however when the police found her it was past the point of no return. An article distributed in The New Citizens Press October 23, 2009 reports that in 2007 45 people were executed in Michigan in abusive behavior at home related crimes in Michigan. The weapons of decision is expressed to have been a gun and over half of the casualties were slaughtered by a gun and 25% of the casualties were murdered by being cut. In 40% of the cases, the relationship had finished or was going to end. The greater part of the cases had an earlier history of aggressive behavior at home, all with the exception of two of the residential manslaughters were executed by guys. It was accounted for January 27, 2010 by the Houston Chronicle that the minister of a congregation situated in the region of Houston had been blamed for abusive behavior at home. The casualty was the pastor’s irritated spouse.

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