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Answer questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Answer questions - Assignment Example Furthermore, this might apply if the internal expertise is not conversant with the location of the target market (Fernie and Leigh 59). This would aim at increasing the reliability, an aspect that would increase the customers’ loyalty towards the products. The approach of developing a strategy, and then employ the specific suppliers to carry out well-defined portions of the strategy would be effective when the company knows the location of the target market, but does not have the necessary resources to carry out the supply work (Fernie and Leigh 45). On the other hand, the approach may work where the suppliers have the resources but has not specialized in information gathering. Therefore, they depend on the information given by the client. The approach to develop the strategy with third-party logistics provider would be effective when the company has little information about logistical issues but want to be part of the supply management. In addition, it may apply when the third-party logistical companies provide warehousing and transportation services. In addition, it may apply when the firm is involved in value addition. This is to ensure that its strategy does not distort the quality of the products. IBM needs both a private and a consortia based e-marketplace in order to be able to deal with B2B, B2C, and Online market. As a global business it’s hard to concentrate on all these logistical aspects. As a result, divulging to the two areas enables the business to reach the target market on time, while at the same time focusing on producing high quality products according to the tastes and preferences of the customers. On the other hand, the emergence of e-marketing brought a new opportunity to expand its market size. However, traditional market was still significant to the business. Therefore, the strategy has ensured that the company maintains its initial supply strategy while upholding changes brought by online platform. As a

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Litteracy narritve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Litteracy narritve - Essay Example Hence, this paper explores how my impression on reading and writing have been influenced and affected by reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. First, through Sherlock Holmes stories I learned how to read and write in English. English is not my first language, and thus, I had to learn English as I was growing up. My greatest breakthrough in English was in high school when I discovered Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. For instance, my interest in understanding fully the detective stories prompted me to improve my vocabulary. Initially, I was only able to read the shorter stories such as â€Å"A Scandal in Bohemia† and â€Å"The Red Headed League.† However, these did not have Sherlock Holmes, as the very first story Doyle wrote where he introduced Sherlock is A Study in Scarlet, which is a novella-length work. I first read the opening chapters of A Study in Scarlet just to see how Sherlock and Dr. Watson meet. However, the story really intrigued me, and I could not wait to finish the whole narrative. To ensure full understanding, I would often read the story with a dictionary, looking up difficult words that I wo uld encounter. For example, one particular part of A Study in Scarlet describes Sherlock playing the fiddle, and that the music he played was â€Å"sonorous and melancholy† (Doyle 16). I distinctly remember ignoring these words during my first reading attempt of A Study in Scarlet, but I eventually looked at the definitions in the dictionary when I made a serious attempt to finish the novella. Thus, I was able to expand my vocabulary, which made me realize how reading literary work in a particular language is helpful in improving reading and writing in that language. Second, from the Sherlock Holmes stories I learnt the importance of logical organization and unity in a written work. A large part of what makes the detective genre so interesting is not only the mysteries, but also, how these mysteries are solved. While some of