Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Companys Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

In today’s free-market economy, where is your reputation stand for as a corporation often more matters than what products or services you offer. How the people feel about a company is solely based on their perceptions of good feelings, admiration, esteem, and finally, their trust in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility practices (CSR). The companies with the best reputations will receive recognition from the public for their efforts and are on the right path of building a sustainable business for the future. A good reputation may include safe products and services, best workplace environment, financial performance, technology innovation, respectable leadership, socioeconomic justice, corporate governance and citizenship, and†¦show more content†¦Introduction Corporate social responsibility can be simply defined as the â€Å"business’s consideration of society’s well-being and consumer satisfaction, in addition to profits.† (Kurtz, 2015). The term Corporate Social Responsibility refers to a company who take responsibility to provide needy benefit to the society that support the company’s existing with consumer’s buying power. Social responsibility is considered a moral principle of a business entity. It is a duty of every business and its leadership in-charge to maintain the balance between business ethics and profit, and social responsibility. It is the social duty, the mission and commitment of the company to help improve the society by providing the best possible working and living conditions for its employees, their families, and effectively contributes to the community as a whole. Corporate Social Responsibility The social responsibility mission of the company may include actively reinforcing corporate policy on affirmative action to hire minority and disabled employees, charitable contributions to help improve the lives of the poor, taking an initiative and expresses attitudes on a political or social justice issues that may affect the community. Public corporations should engage in civil society by taking initiative in social responsibility because the government alone cannot maintain the prosperity of society just by using tax revenues. Microsoft and Corporate Social Responsibility. The software

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