Saturday, November 2, 2019

Examples of attributes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Examples of attributes - Essay Example rmacist aunt in Jordan and has been reinforced by my experiences during the period I volunteered to work in the Emergency Room of the Methodist Hospital, which opportunely happened to be just across the corridor from the Pharmacy. I grabbed any opportunity which presented itself to observe the pharmacists and their interaction with the patients and even went so far as to convince one of the pharmacists to let me ‘shadow’ her for a couple of days! Believe me, the more I saw, the more I liked what I saw of pharmacy! Belonging to a family of doctors and pharmacists does go a long way towards stimulating intellectual curiosity. My earliest memories of family life are filled with hazy recollections of animated discussions and even heated debates centered round medical ethics, drug research and exciting laboratory breakthroughs. Of course, as a child, I hardly grasped the issues involved and most of it was just lively chatter to me. However, the seeds were sown for my growing curiosity to learn more about these subjects which could evoke such passionate responses from my family. This intellectual stimulation has steered me towards the conviction that pharmacy is the path I want to pursue in life. My growing fascination with the world of drugs has been unequivocally reinforced over the years as I gained the relevant academic knowledge. I think that drugs are the miracle workers of medical science. I never cease to marvel at the fact that it is miniscule quantities of chemical substances that are actually responsible for the working of the human brain and contribute to everything from physiological well-being to states of mind! This a major part of the reason why I enjoy being a student instructor in Chemistry. Wanting to further explore this world, I decided to work at a National Home Care Institute as an Oasis. As a part of this service, I entered the nurses’ notes and records of medication into the computer and reviewed the accuracy of the medication and the

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